Match Preview - @ Chester Legion

Sunday's match with Chester is a game of firsts on all sides, for Leeds, the first game under the new Gryphons name, and for Chester, their first competitive game ever. 

As a result, it's hard to know what to expect from the Legion, with GB coach Sarah Jauncey as head coach, it's fair to assume they'll be a well drilled unit, and a lack of available knowledge on the Chester team for the Gryphons to work with could work to their advantage. Whether this outweighs the inexperience of the team in competitive games remains to be seen.

For Leeds, if they are to make their preseason playoff aspirations a reality then a winning start against the division's newest team is a must. Wins for Bradford and Bangor last week set a benchmark and the Gryphons will be looking to send out their own message to the rest of the division.

The game kicks off at the earlier than usual time of 11:30am, and you can follow live updates of the game on Twitter by following @LeedsGryphonsAF.